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GDC's team of professionals can provide you with cutting edge solutions in the areas of Commercial Diving, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), Marine Vessels and more!

Complex technical and scientific tasks develop in all waters.  Wherever and whatever these tasks are, the unsurpassed team of professionals at General Diving Contractors can provide cost effective and complete solutions for you.

General Divng Contractors Inc. specialized fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and highly trained professional technicians are ready to perform your routine or challenging inspection tasks.  Inspection distances up 4km in length and diameters as small as 150mm are within our in house capabilties

General Diving Contractors Inc. will provide you with custom tailored commerical diving services focused on safety and profesionalim to ensure a quality job done well and on budget

Multiple commercial vessel options are available for your project.  High speed truckable vessels are available for your project with numerous configurations to adapt to your specific project.

General Diving Contractors Inc. mobile 6 ATA double lock decompression chamber adds to a long list of in-house solutions

General Diving Contractors Inc. can provide you with our larger commercial vessel set up as a multi-role platform, boasting a long list of amenities not found on other vessels.

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